The Island Collection

Vision & values: Simon Harrison, Chair of trustees:

The Island Collection’s vision is to establish the Island as a significant cultural environment and destination, for all those who live here, and for those who visit.    We will do this by working in an inclusive way to strengthen and underpin the often fragile organisations vital to our arts, culture and heritage.   We will provide an expert, strategic voice that represents the Island’s arts, culture and heritage organisations and articulates their collective value.   We will work with others to enhance and make more inclusive the Island’s cultural environment.

Our values are those of an organisation that truly intends to be open and supportive.   We will strive to be inclusive, and to work with the organisations that create the cultural capital we enjoy to sustain and increase their resilience, and help them access new opportunities and new partnerships.      

Working with our partner Venture South we will support the transformation of how arts, culture, heritage and the creative industries are perceived, and their value in unlocking wider investment, regeneration, educational and career opportunities and ultimately sustainable prosperity for the very special place we call home.